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ATM recovery will take 2-3 Weeks, BCA Predicts

Bank Central Asia (BCA) predicts that it will take two to three weeks to recover the 30 percent or 5,700 of its Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) that have been affected by the shutdown of the Telkom 1 satellite since Friday (25/8).

“The recovery process and rerouting of the ATMs will take two to three weeks,” said BCA president director Jahja Setiaatmadja in a press conference in Jakarta on Monday, as quoted by

Jahja said that the company will migrate its online services of its ATM from Telkom 1 satellite to two other satellites. The satellite connection of around 3,700 ATMs will be rerouted to Telkom-3S satellite, while the remaining 2,000 ATMs will have its online connection rerouted to Apstar satellite, Jahja explained.

Jahja reiterated that the amount of ATMs affected was 30 percent of the total of 17,210 BCA ATMs nationwide, to set straight some rumors suggesting that as many as 70 percent of all BCA ATMs have been affected by the satellite shutdown.

Apart from disrupting the connection of 5,700 ATMs, the satellite shutdown has also affected the connection of 126 BCA cash offices, though up to 121 cash offices has resumed normal operation after recovery process was carried out on Saturday, Jahja said.

He further assured that the bank’s other online services like internet banking and mobile banking has not been affected by the satellite problem.

Jahja added that as a form of compensation for its customers that have been affected by the ATM problem, BCA promised that, throughout the recovery period, it will compensate the cash withdrawal administration fee for customers who have withdrawn cash from their BCA accounts through the ATMs of other banks.  The compensation will be transferred directly to the customer’s account.

“We will pay for the cash withdrawal fee, but only for cash withdrawal. For other transactions like balance check or transfers, that can be done through internet banking or mobile banking,” Jahja said.


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