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President Jokowi Talks about Foreign Culture Infiltration

President Jokowi calls for people of Indonesia to appreciate their own culture, before fearing infiltration of foreign culture.

Recently during a visit by the SMK or vocational high school at the Bogor Presidential Palace, a student expressed fears of Indonesian culture being replaced by foreign culture. Jokowi maintains that if one is aware of their own unique culture, they need not worry about infiltration of other culture. Jokowi further adds that the people of Indonesia will be able to preserve Indonesian culture once the fear of being invaded of foreign culture does not even cross one’s mind.

“We are allowed to enjoy K-pop but we also have our own great music genres such as keroncong, dangdut, and Ambon music, and more across Indonesia,” The President mentioned in front of the visiting high school students.

Source: Tempo
Image: Tempo

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