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Investigations Continue in Shock Deaths of Elderly Couple in Bali

Authorities are still searching for a cause of shock deaths after the gruesome discovery of an elderly Japanese couple in their Jimbaran, Bali, home last week after autopsies failed to produce conclusive results.

Matsuba Nurio and wife Matsuba Hiroko were found with stab wounds and severe burns last Monday by a family friend. While investigators have been collecting evidence and conducting forensic investigations, the Sanglah Hospital Head of Forensics said the exact cause of death could not be determined at this stage.

“We cannot yet determine the cause of death, we need analysis of toxicology and anatomical pathology,” Dr. Dudut Rustyadi told Tribun Bali.

The case has shocked the community in the tourist hub of Jimbaran, with police initially reticent to call the case murder.

There has been a breakthrough, with investigators saying a timeline of the shock deaths has been determined but are keeping details close for the time being.


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