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Odd-Even Policy Returned to Jakarta During Transitional PSBB

Odd-Even Policy Returned to Jakarta During Transitional PSBB

During the transitional phase of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in DKI Jakarta, the odd-even policy will once again apply to cars and motorcycles.

This provision is contained in the Governor’s Regulation (Pergub) No. 51 of 2020 with regard to PSBB during the transitional period towards a healthy, safe, and productive community.

“Transportation mode control is in accordance with the stages of the transition period of private motor vehicles in the form of motorbikes and cars operating on odd-even principles in the area of ??traffic control,” reads Article 17 of Chapter VI Pergub Number 51.

In Article 18, two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles with odd numbers can only use roads on odd dates. Meanwhile, those vehicles with even plates may only be on the road on even dates.

“The license plate number referred to is the last number on the plate of four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles,” Anies explained in his regulations.

Odd-even traffic controls exclude vehicles used by high institutions of the Republic of Indonesia, fire engines, ambulances, vehicles that provide assistance in traffic accidents, vehicles for foreign leaders and officials, international institutions that are guests of the country, state official vehicles, operational service vehicles with official designation, police, and Indonesian National Armed Force vehicles. Also, public transportation vehicles, transportation vehicles for goods – not including double cabin, vehicles of certain interests according to the consideration of police officers are also exempt from the rules.

Further exemptions apply to money transport vehicles from Bank Indonesia, interbank vehicles and those for ATM replenishing, vehicles under police supervision, and application-based two-wheeled or four-wheeled transportation such as online motorcycle taxis that meet the requirements based on the decision of the Department of Transportation.

Source: Kompas

Image: Tempo

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