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Police Will Fine Motorcyclists Smoking While Driving

Smoking while driving
Police Will Fine Motorcyclists Smoking While Driving. photo

Motorcyclists who drive while smoking will be pulled over and fined by the police.

The sanctions are regulated in article 283 of the traffic and road transport Law where the threat of punishment can be in the form of a maximum of three months in prison or a maximum fine of Rp750,000. 

The prohibition of driving while smoking is further regulated in the Transportation Minister regulation number 12 of 2019 concerning the protection of the safety of motorcycle users for the interest of the community.

The regulation explains the prohibition of smoking and doing other activities that could disturb the driver’s concentration. In addition to reducing concentration, smoking can also interfere with motorists and other road users and can even cause accidents.

In article 6 letter C, the rule says that drivers are prohibited from smoking and doing other activities that interfere with concentration while riding a motorcycle. The government, through the article, clearly and specifically prohibits motorists from smoking when riding a motorcycle.

According to the Head of Traffic at Buleleng City Police, First Police Inspector Anton Suherman, apart from being a traffic violation, smoking while driving can also endanger the safety of road users. His team will not hesitate to take action if they find a motorcyclist caught smoking.

“If a motorcyclist is found driving while smoking, they will be dealt with. It can be ticketed. Driving while smoking is very dangerous. The ashes can get in the eyes of other motorists and cause traffic accidents,” he said.

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