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Police Arrests Man Selling Wife on Facebook

Police in Surabaya has arrested a man who attempted to sell his wife for sex on Facebook after an officer pretended to be a potential buyer.

Surabaya Police Criminal Investigation Department Unit Chief AKBP Leonard Sinambela said in a press conference in Surabaya that the man was a 26-year-old father of one known by the initials A.C.S.

“He was selling his wife, initialled I.D., aged 25, on the social media Facebook. Then our personnel went on a disguise to book for her,” said Leonard, as quoted by

He went on to say that the undercover police officer and suspect agreed on Facebook to meet at the suspect’s house to carry out the transaction, and then go on a date with the woman on October 15. It was then that the suspect was arrested by the police.

Amongst the evidence confiscated by police in the suspect’s house was Rp. 400,000 cash, two cell phones, two unused condoms, one used condom and a marriage book.

Leonard said the suspect has been selling his wife for sex since 2015 for a price that ranged from Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 400,000 a date.

The suspect, who is a contract worker at the Surabaya Public Order Agency, said that he sold sexual favours from his wife because the wage he received from his job was not enough.


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