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ATM Card Thieves Arrested in Jakarta

Police have made arrests after ATM card thefts were reported in East Jakarta.

Cakung Police criminal unit head Comr. Tom Sirait said on Tuesday that two members of a gang were arrested at a convenience store where the crimes took place in Cakung on Saturday.

“We arrested two suspects first, Syahrudin and Gunawan. They conducted the crime by blocking a tiny hole in the ATM,” Tom said as quoted by

Tom said four other people were part of the gang, identifying them as Sabriyanto, who reportedly led the operation, as well as Iyut, Dinar and Idris.

The other four suspects escaped when police arrived on the scene. However, not long after, police arrested Sabriyanto, Iyut and Dinar in South Tangerang.

“Thus, one is still on the loose,” Tom said.

Police claimed the suspects conducted their operation in Jakarta and Bandung, West Java. Each of them were said to have different roles in the operation.

Sabriyanto, police said, was responsible for peeking at card holder PINs while standing in line behind a potential victim.

A tiny hole where ATM cards were inserted would cause the cards to get stuck. Dinar was reportedly tasked with offering help, while replacing the ATM card with an unused card.

The suspects reportedly escaped once they obtained a victim’s ATM card.

Two other members were reportedly responsible for keeping watch from inside the convenience store. Meanwhile, another two remained in a car parked outside.

“I appeal to all: do not panic if your ATM card gets stuck in the machine,” Tom said.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Tempo

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