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Muslim Leaders Urge Indonesians to Boycott American Products during Palestine Rally

Muslim leaders called on to the people of Indonesia to boycott American products as a show of protest against the move by American President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

The call was made in front of an estimated 80,000 people who gathered at the National Museum complex in Jakarta to rally in support of Palestine and condemn Trump’s move.

“Don’t rely on their products,” said Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) secretary Anwar Abbas. “Replace them with similar products made by the children of the nation.”

The rally, which was the last and largest in a series of protests in Jakarta in the last 10 days, also urged the House of Representatives to form a special committee to review U.S. investments in Indonesia.

These calls were part of a petition from Islamic clerics and Muslim groups demanding Trump to immediately revoke his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital because it has undermined peace efforts in the region.

According to Anwar, the petition also called on other nations to not follow the U.S. in moving their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and will be handed to the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta today.

About 20,000 security forces were deployed to secure the rally, which saw tens of thousands of protestors dressed in white and carrying flags and banners showing support for Palestine.


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