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Dubai is one among the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates.

As an affluent emirate, Dubai houses two of the world’s largest Ports and Dubai is also home to the tallest building in the world. The major language in Dubai is Arabic.

Dubai is surrounded by villas and resorts that are made up of elegant architectural designs that are open to people who travel for pleasure and business. Due to the known busy schedule in Dubai, it is recommended to rent a car, though public transport is indubitably economical. However, renting a car in Dubai does not cost more than the public transportation system, ranging from €30 to €400 per day depending on the car rental Dubai services you can afford.

A sedan car is an auto transmitted vehicle. A sedan car is always available for anyone who desires to enjoy unlimited ease while driving. Sedan cars are generally acceptable because of its Excellency in areas of rapidity, fuel-effective management and reduced mass etc. Also, a sedan car is pleasing for long drives on the magnificent roads of Dubai.

It is advisable to rent a Sedan car considering it fits from 3 to 5 passengers including the driver, 2 to 3 medium-sized baggage, has 4 doors, and provides the rider with a chance to drive swiftly and smoothly. So if you are looking to spend your vacation in Dubai with your family, these best midsize cars will help make your stay amazing.


It is rated from 2 to 5 JD power and does not cost anything more than €350 per day. This car ranks in the middle of the luxury midsize cars, it offers composed handlings, an opulent interior design, a very strong engine performance and what’s more it has an excellent safety score, it has a rating of 8.0 out of 10. The reason why the Mercedes Benz is rated among the best Car Rental in JLT, is because of Super predicted reliability rating. Mercedes Benz is one of the best sedan cars for your trips in Dubai.


The Camry hybrid has a fuel capacity/ gas tank size of 13.2; you can drive on the highway for as long as you want with this beautiful midsize car. It also has a maximum horsepower at RPM 208 @ 5700 which gives speed and comfort. The Camry Hybrid has a beautiful interior design, a passenger seating capacity of 5; light-tinted glass, truck rear cargo access, galvanized steel/aluminium panels and so much more. With all these beautiful features it does not cost anything above €69 per day at Rent a Car Dubai.


The KIA Picanto is one of those cars with amazing distinct features. The Kia Picanto has features such as well-ventilated brakes, a front suspension, assisted turning, and an unleaded petrol fuel tank with a capacity of 35 litre fuel storage for 100km. Also, Kia Picanto offers a smooth ride and at the same time considers your satisfaction. Normally nobody would have a good time and suddenly run out of fuel and the standard fuel consumption of Kia Picanto puts it as one of the best sedan cars in car rental Dubai and it does not cost anything more than €57 per day in Rent a Car Dubai.


The Honda Accord offers a wild array of features making your trips very comfortable. The Honda Accord offers a very spacious seat fitting, possesses an immobilizer system, an active noise cancellation, a remote engine start, an electric parking brake with automatic brake hold, hill start assist, wheel resonators and a fuel tank capacity of 14.8 gals and so much more. it does not cost anything above €250 per day in car rentals Dubai.


Starting with the super effective fuel gauge, it has four 1.6 litre cylinders which make 120 horsepower and drive the wheels through either a six-speed manual or a Continuously Variable automatic Transmission (CVT). The interior is well built without any complications. The Hyundai Accent has a small body that makes it easy for the car to be parked in small corners, with Hyundai Accent offering smooth ride and comfort alongside deft handling. This car does not cost above €80 per day at car rental Dubai.

 In Summary, car rental companies in Dubai provide rental cars for residents and tourists in Dubai. Many types of cars are offered by car rental. Sedan cars bring comfort and lasting experience to the drivers and if you are interested in having an enjoyable ride in the UAE, then a sedan car is the best you can ask for. The sedan cars are not only available for luxurious rides alone you can also get a sedan car for a cheaper rate in some car rental companies in Dubai.

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