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Monas Reopening for Public Soon

Monas Reopening
Monas Reopening for Public Soon

The National Monument, also known as Monas, will reopen after being closed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

However, the exact date is still uncertain. DKI Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria stated on Wednesday that Monas will reopen sometime this week.

The opening will be made available to the public in stages. At the moment, only the outside area will be open. It is also still limited,said Head of Monas Area Management Unit, Muhammad Isa Sarnuri when contacted on Thursday 16th June 2022.

During this trial phase, Monas can be visited from 6am to 4pm local Jakarta time. Visitors can use the access in and out through the Lenggang Jakarta gate in the IRTI area.

Sarnuri added that his team has also prepared a number of health protocols for visitors, such as every visitor being required to use the PeduliLindungi application before entering the area and officers will also be ready at the entrance to check body temperatures.

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