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Mentawai Rocked by Successive Earthquakes

Earthquake Mentawai
Mentawai Rocked by Successive Earthquakes

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake with an update of M6.1 rocked the Mentawai Islands of West Sumatra, on Monday 29th August 2022 at 10:29am local time.

Two earthquakes also shook the area earlier on the same day, one with of magnitude 4.9 at 12:04am and another with magnitude 5.8 at 5:34am. 

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency stated that the epicentre of the last earthquake was located at coordinates 0.99° south latitude; 98.53° east longitude. To be precise, it was located in the sea at a distance of 12 km to the northwest of West Siberut, Mentawai Islands at a depth of 24 km.

Head of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Division, Daryono, said that taking into account the location of the epicentre and the depth of the hypocentre, the earthquake that occurred in Mentawai was a shallow earthquake caused by the subduction activity of the Mentawai-Siberut Megathrust segment.

The results of the analysis of the source mechanism show that the earthquake was generated from a thrust fault mechanism. This earthquake was felt in the Siberut area with an intensity scale of V-VI MMI; Tuapejat and Painan areas with an intensity scale of III-IV MMI; Padang area with an intensity scale of III MMI; Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, Solok, and South Solok districts with a scale of intensity II – III MMI.

The agency also said the earthquake caused minor damage to the North Siberut and West Siberut areas. 

The head of the Mentawai SAR Office, Akmal, told that due to the successive earthquakes, many residents in Simalegi Hamlet, West Siberut District, ran and evacuated for higher ground because the earthquakes continue to occur.

Meanwhile, several buildings in Siberut were damaged.

SMPN 3 Simatalu Village, Siberut is cracked,” said Akmal. 

School students have been sent home after the earthquake. Damage also occurred to the Simaleg Betaet Health Centre building, West Siberut District.

Until now there is no information on casualties. But if there is more information, it will be conveyed,” said Akmal.

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