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New Escort Services as Crimes Against Cyclists Rise

New Escort Services as Crimes Against Cyclists Rise. Image by arif-maulana-n0tA91VztuA-unsplash

After the recent hijacking and crimes against cyclists, an online motorcycle-taxi driver association has been established, named the Two-Wheeled Action Association (Garda)

Igun Wicaksono, the Chairman of the National Guard Presidium said that his team has opened an escort service for cyclists to ensure they are safe. Cyclist communities can be escorted during the day or night in areas around Jakarta by calling Garda.

“We provide escort security services for cyclists using motorbikes as needed,” reported Wicaksono on 4th November.

The cost per package for the escort service is Rp750,000 per hour. Each package is set to have a maximum of 10 cyclists. If the number of cyclists exceeds ten, it is automatically registered to be two packages.

Escorts consist of three people with prior security experience on two motorbikes.

“Drivers are ex-security workers who are trained in security services. With many networks, we are ready to help if there is a crime on the road or threats against cyclists. We are optimistic that the bicycle guard service will support bicycle communities who need security,” said Wicaksono.

He further added that escorts will be equipped with walkie-talkies to communicate and are to be stationed in front of and behind the group of cyclists. All participants are also required to comply with health protocols.

Source: DetikNews

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