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Jokowi: Sinovac for Teens Gets Green Light

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Jokowi: Sinovac for Teens Gets Green Light

President Joko Widodo has expressed gratitude that the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has issued an emergency permit for the use of the Sinovac vaccine in children aged 12-17 years in Indonesia

Prior to Jokowi’s statement, a letter circulated stating that the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency had approved the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Bio Farma, which is the Sinovac vaccine. The permit for use in those of the age of 12-17 years comes after the results of phase I and phase II clinical trials.

“Vaccination for children of that age can hopefully start immediately. And therefore suppressing the spread of COVID-19 can only be done with joint efforts,” he said.

Meanwhile, children aged outside 12-17 years are considered not safe to receive the COVID-19 vaccine because the existing data is still insufficient.

“From the safety data of phase I and phase II clinical trials, the profile of Systemic AE in the form of fever in the population of 12-17 years was not reported compared to the age of 3-5 years and 6-11 years,” explained the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, quoted from the circular of the results of the evaluation of clinical trials

“Immunogenicity and safety in the adolescent population of 12-17 years is confirmed by data from clinical trials in the adult population because the maturation of the immune system in adolescents corresponds to that of adults,” continued the letter.

The president expressed hope that people would not hesitate to get vaccinated and reminded people to stay at home as long as there is no urgent need.

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