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Foreigners in Jakarta Eligible for Government Vaccine

foreigners government vaccine
Foreigners in Jakarta Eligible for Government Vaccine

Foreigners who live or work in Jakarta can receive free vaccinations if they are aged 18 years and over.

“For foreign citizens, you can get vaccinated too!” wrote the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government on its official Instagram, @dkijakarta.

Those who receive a vaccination must have a residential certificate (SKKT) or an ID card issued for foreigners (KTP WNA), which can be applied for at

The following are the criteria for adult foreigners to be able to get vaccinated in Jakarta:

  1. Teacher
  2. Lecturer
  3. Educational or support personnel working in schools and universities, both formal and informal
  4. Diplomats through the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry
  5. The elderly, over 60 years old
  6. Living in a vulnerable RT/RW, namely:
  • 445 RW according to Governor Regulation No. 90 of 2019 90
  • 21 villages according to Gubernatorial Decree No. 878 of 2018
  • RWs with the potential to spread new virus mutations
  • RTs in the red and orange zones under micro PPKM, as released weekly on the website

To find the nearest vaccination centre, foreigners can open Google Maps and search “COVID-19 vaccine”. On Google Maps, a list of vaccination locations will appear that can be visited to receive the jab.

Alternatively, they can go directly to the nearest health centre, hospital, or vaccination service centre.

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