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Indonesian Labourers Don’t Want Blue-Collar Expats in the Country

The Indonesian Workers Unions Confederation (KSPI) have voiced their rejection to the entry of blue-collar or yellow-hat expatriaties into Indonesia during their peaceful rallies held in 25 provinces on Tuesday, May 1, to commemorate May Day.

They put forth at least three important demands: reduction in the prices of rice, electricity, and fuel; rejection of low wages; as well as the refusal of yellow-hat foreign workers from China. Other demands included abolition of the outsourcing system and the election of pro-Labour presidential candidates.

KSPI and other Trade unions had been invited by the Jakarta Police Chief for a dialogue on the implementation of May Day.

The police chief responded positively to the May Day action plan and urged workers to take action in an orderly and peaceful manner and to not pose a hindrance to the interests of other people.

“The KSPI agrees with the appeal of the Jakarta Police chief, and the KSPI has made assurance that the action of May Day will be held in a peaceful and orderly manner across Indonesia,” he remarked.

May Day actions are being simultaneously conducted across Indonesia including in Surabaya, with 50 thousand workers in front of the East Java governor’s office; 15 thousand workers in front of the Central Java governor’s office; 15 thousand workers in front of the office of the mayor of Batam; two thousand workers in Aceh; 10 thousand workers in North Sumatra; and thousands of laborers in western Java.

Source: Republika

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