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Indonesia to Provide 108 Projects to Latin American and Caribbean Entrepreneurs

Indonesia to Provide 108 Projects to Latin American and Caribbean Entrepreneurs

A total of 108 investment project candidates are to be offered at the 2020 Indonesia-Latin America and Caribbean Business (INALAC) Forum.

I Gusti Ngurah Swajaya, Director General for Latin America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that the project will consist of 10 sectors including tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, and other industries located across the 11 regions of Indonesia.

At the moment, 130 Indonesian companies and 106 Latin American and Caribbean companies have registered to participate in the virtual INALAC forum from 9-11th November.

“We have 108 investment projects ready to offer. This project is clean and clear. There are no problems with land or permits, so we just need to start,” said Ngurah on Tuesday 3rd November.

Ngurah explained that the investment value of Latin America and the Caribbean is still small. With this forum, investment from 33 countries in the region is hoped to increase.

Even though the pandemic has had a large impact on Indonesia’s trade performance for the last few months, the government remains optimistic about working with new markets overseas. There is also a clear interest from entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

So far, Indonesia’s trade and investment with Latin America and the Caribbean is minimal, filling only 0.36% of the market in the region.

“Our mission this year is not too unrealistic. Even though we are in a pandemic, we are not lacking enthusiasm,” said Ngurah.



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