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Human Finger in Sayur Lodeh Allegedly Belongs to an Adult

A piece of a human finger was found in a sayur lodeh dish, an Indonesian vegetable curry, by two locals while eating at a warung in Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. It is suspected to belong to an adult.

Belu Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Yoseph Krisbianto stated on Tuesday 13th December 2022 that the fingernail of the finger was examined by doctors from the Manleten Health Centre in East Tasifeto District, Belu Regency.

The results of the (doctor’s) examination are indeed identical (slices of human fingers),” he added.

One of the two locals eating at the warung, named Petrus Watu, was picking up the vegetables to eat. To his surprise, he saw a piece of flesh from the tip of a human fingernail mixed in with the vegetables.

Watu then immediately reported this matter to the East Tasifeto Police, confirmed the Head of East Tasifeto Police, Police Inspector Two Mahrim.

The local police have questioned five witnesses, among them are the warung owners selling the sayur lodeh and tofu factory owners. Currently, the evidence of the human finger is being temporarily secured at the Manleten Health Centre for further investigation.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Belu Police, Police Inspector One Djafar Awad Alkatiri, has not yet confirmed and identified which part of the finger was found.

“Whether it is the index finger, thumb or pinky, it is not yet known, because only a portion of the nail is cut,” said Alkatiri.

Furthermore, the origin of the human finger is still unknown, said local police.

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