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Easily Make Internet Money as a Part-Time Student

Easily Make Internet Money as a Part-Time Student

Being a student is a difficult time for a myriad of reasons. Namely, there are coursework deadlines to meet, long lectures to sit through and perhaps the biggest worry of them all – funding tuition.

Many will take a student loan which arguably is the best loan you’ll ever be eligible for, but one that will loom over you for many years to come. Some will be fortunate enough to have attained a scholarship or have their tuition paid for by family members, and others will opt to get a job while they study in a local bar or shop. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, there are many options for students to make money during their studies all while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Here we take a look at some options at how you can earn an online income during school and how to manage your decisions effectively.

Start A Business

Something that has become more accessible to everyone with the evolution of the internet is being your own boss. Everyday people now possess the ability to start their own company and make money from the comfort of their own home (or dorm). If you’re a student then this can be invaluable. Being able to earn whilst studying at the same time is a skill in itself and something you can continue to do for the rest of your life. If you’re able to create a company that becomes successful, then you’ll have a job to continue when you finish your studies.


To do this, it’s important to identify possibilities and turn them into a business. First of all, you need to write yourself a plan and be as detailed as you can. This way if you meet any speed bumps along the way you are well equipped to handle them. Every successful startup starts with a well thought out business plan, an idea of your business model, and how you will implement it.


Once you’ve decided on your company’s purpose and strategies it’s time to put things into action. Create yourself a well crafted, good looking, easy to navigate the website and ensure that it’s going to get as much traffic as possible running through it. When we talk about traffic we mean the number of visitors your site gets each month. This is done by utilizing an online tool called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. This is a process in which the number of visitors to your website is maximized by ensuring the placement on search engines is as close to the first page as possible when a certain word or phrase is searched for.

Don’t worry if this seems a little daunting, it takes some getting used to. Using an SEO guide can assist your plan to hit the ground running. Having more traffic directed to your website will increase the chances of a higher conversion rate, the higher the number of people on your site, the higher the odds that people will purchase your product or service. It’s also a brilliant way to make your website appealing for others to advertise on as everyone wants to advertise on popular websites. Once you have established a presence you can charge a decent fee for advertising space.


Doing your advertising is also well advised, concentrate on social media as it’s the best and most exciting form of advertising there is. Being able to pinpoint your target audience in one fell swoop will reduce the amount of money wasted on advertising to audiences that aren’t interested.

Jobs On the Internet

Now let us look at the choice many students opt for, getting a full-time job will mean you have a constant income every month and be able to study at the same time, especially if you’re studying part-time. This usually means you will be studying for 8-16 hours a week, leaving plenty of time outside of that to work. If you’re sensible, you’ll use your days off to do your schoolwork as it will give you ample opportunity to rest and be capable of doing your job to the best of your ability. The following are some ideas for jobs you can apply for online.

Social Media Manager

If you’ve grown up through the era of social media, then you are probably in a better situation than many business owners that struggle to keep up with the increasing demands of an online presence. Even with a basic understanding of these platforms, you’ll be able to effectively help any organization that has little to no understanding of how they work. This role usually includes posting content and managing any queries the business might get. If you’re good at your job, then you might be able to work in a performance-related bonus scheme that kicks in if you assist in the growth of the company’s online presence.

Freelance Writer

The last thing you might be thinking of is getting a job that includes writing, especially if your studies include heavy loads of essays and the like. Freelance writing has the potential of earning a handsome amount of money and assisting in honing your writing skills. There are plenty of sites and blogs looking for writers that are flexible with their hours and can write well. Having some university education surely means you’ll be able to effectively write some articles for an online blog. On top of everything, it’s a fun and satisfying activity that will keep you on your toes.

Online Tutor

Whether you speak another language or have extensive skills in a subject due to you studying it for years, becoming an online tutor is a viable option for many university students. Hosting online classes in a group or one on one provides you with the ability to teach younger students all from your own place of residence. There will always be a demand for tutoring so long as post-secondary education hosts difficult subjects.

There’s money to be made in all walks of life and there’s no point in feeling hard done by as a student because you’ve ended up with a loan. Unfortunately, most people are in the same boat but there are plenty of options for you to earn an income. Be sensible and make sure you don’t overload yourself with too much work because burning out is no good for you, your schoolwork, or your job. Keep motivated and life may provide you with an unexpected – and excellent opportunity.

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