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DKI Jakarta Enters PPKM Level 3, Following Jabodetabek Rules

PPKM Jakarta

The area of DKI Jakarta has technically reached PPKM level 3, according to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan.

“However, in conducting assessments of the PPKM level, the government has consistently treated DKI Jakarta as one part of the Jabodetabek agglomeration area,” Pandjaitan said at a press conference on Monday 24th January. “In agglomeration, Jabodetabek is currently still at level 2.

The government has been evaluating the implementation of PPKM in Java and Bali weekly. During each assessment, the government will categorise the districts and cities into levels one to four based on the established assessment indicators.

The indicators calculated include the number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries, testing and tracing rates, hospital bed occupancy rates, and the number of residents who have received doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in their respective regions.

In the press conference, Pandjaitan acknowledged that the increase in the national COVID-19 number was dominated by the Jabodetabek agglomeration area.

“Based on the data we have collected, cases in Java and Bali dominate the daily increase in cases, we identify the increase in Java and Bali stems from an increase in agglomeration in Jabodetabek. In addition, cases caused by foreign travellers are already below 10 percent of the total national cases. From this, it can be concluded that local transmission in Indonesia is more dominant than before,” said the PPKM Coordinator for the Java and Bali region.

However, the government will continue to use the PPKM levels assessment as a basis for tightening community mobility.

Until now, the government has not thought about re-implementing emergency PPKM, let alone a lockdown,” he added.

The government has asked every regional head and the local Regional Leadership Coordination Forum to return to compliance with the level assessment rules.

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