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British Woman Who Slapped Immigration Officer Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

The British woman who went viral for slapping an immigration officer was sentenced to six months in jail by an Indonesian court on Wednesday.

43-year-old Auj-e Taqaddas was at Ngurah Rai International Airport in July when she missed her flight because of an altercation with an immigration officer. She was asked to pay a fine of about US$4,000 for overstaying her visa, which had expired in February.

Taqaddas was seen slapping an immigration officer in a video that went viral. The video showed an angry Taqaddas shouting and cursing before slapping the officer.

She was sentenced in Denpasar District Court to six months in jail for violent behavior against a government official. Prosecutors were originally seeking a one-year prison sentence.

Taqaddas said, “This is a sham court who was only listening to the dirty prosecutor who did not bring me to the court for six months.”

“Indonesia is a criminal country. Indonesian law is corrupt. Indonesian judges are corrupt,” Taqaddas shouted as two officials escorted her from the courtroom. “No lawyer was provided. Indonesian immigration is corrupt,” she said.

Taqaddas also claimed she was tortured by police on three occasions including the day of her sentencing.

Waher Tarihorang, an official with the prosecutor’s office, told Reuters that officials did not use violence against Taqaddas but were within their “right to take forcible action to bring her to court” after she allegedly missed her previous scheduled appearances.

Source: Fox News

Photo: Aditya Mardiastuti/detikcom

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