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Bomb in KPK Leader’s Home is Fake, Officials Say


The Indonesian National Police confirmed that the suspicious item hanging on the front gate of a house belonging to Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chairman Agus Rahardjo on January 9 is, in fact, a fake explosive device.

According to a report obtained by The Jakarta Post, a bomb squad officer discovered a black bag hanging on the fence of Agus’ house in Bekasi at around 5.30am on January 9. He also found material resembling components of a high explosive pipe bomb, such as a detonator, cable, nails, and a pipe.

“It is confirmed to be a fake bomb,” said Insp. Gen. Mohammad Iqbal, Polri spokesman at the Polri main headquarters today, January 10.

The fake bomb imitated the construction of a real bomb by using a cylindrical PVC pipe, detonator, a fuse, and cables. There were also 7-centimeter nails and white substances suspected to be white cement and a Panasonic Neo 9 Voll battery.

“However, it wasn’t a single unit like what an explosive should be,” said Iqbal. Police also confirmed that the white substance did not have the chemistry to detonate and promises to continue its investigation.

Source: Tempo


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