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Bali Immigration: Deportation Awaits Foreigners Disobeying Health Protocols

Deportation Awaits Foreigners Disobeying Health Protocols

The Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali has warned that foreign nationals who disobey health protocols can be deported due to many foreigners in Bali are caught violating health protocols.

Head of the Immigration Division of the Bali’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office, Eko Budianto, said the sanctions were carried out to provide shock therapy to foreigners who violated health protocols.

“The connection with the health program is that we are involved in a team. In principle, we are in the second layer as a supporting unit, so we are basically the ones who are violated, it is related to health violations, not immigration. The COVID-19 task force applies a fine to the foreigner (who violates the health protocols) then the data is given to us,” said Eko.

He further explained that the sanctions given to foreigners who violate health protocols for the first time will be asked by the COVID-19 Task Force to do push-ups until pay fines.

Those who violate will be entered into immigration records. If in the future they violate again, the immigration authorities will take firm action by deporting the foreigner.

Foreigners who disobey this health protocol can be deported in accordance with Article 75 of Law Number 6 Year 2011 concerning immigration. Eko said that in the general law, foreigners who violated the laws and regulations in Indonesia could be subject to sanctions.

Until now, the Immigration Office of the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights has not deported foreigners who violated health protocols but continues to collect data on foreigners who violate it.

Photo: Satpol PP Badung

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