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The Most Recommended Medical Apps in Indonesia

Medical Apps
The Most Recommended Medical Apps in Indonesia

The rapid development of technology has spread into various sectors, including the healthcare sector. One of them is the development of telemedicine services.

Telemedicine refers to a type of health service that utilises technology to enable individuals to remotely seek advice or consultation from medical professionals who specialise in their respective fields. The development of telemedicine makes it easier for us to access health services from anywhere.

Indonesia doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to create such a telemedicine service. This is proven by many companies trying to build their own applications. Indonesia Expat has summarised the six most-recommended medical apps to use in Indonesia as follows:

1. Halodoc

Halodoc is developed by PT Media Dokter Investama. Halodoc is a popular healthcare app that has revolutionised the way people access medical services in Indonesia with over 30 million downloads and still counting.

Halodoc provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, starting from special services such as midwife service, diabetes care, heart care, vaccination, mental healthcare, pet care, and parenting, and health support such as stress checkups, body mass index, pregnant calendar, anxiety and depression tests, and donation.

With this application, patients can have health consultations with doctors ranging from general practitioners to specialist doctors, buy medicines, and carry out laboratory tests via smartphone. Halodoc also has two types of consultations that can be done by patients:

  • Emergency consultation which 68 percent can be completed with digital medical action
  • Treatment follow-up for patients who have met the doctors.
2. Alodokter

Alodokter is a digital health platform in Indonesia with more than 30 million active users every month and more than 80,000 doctors. Alodokter is developed by PT Sumo Teknologi Solusi and was officially launched in 2014. Since then, it has excelled in providing health information that is accurate, easy to understand, and accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Alodokter provides five main features that are useful for users to make the best decisions related to health, both personally and as a family, namely:

  • Chat with the doctor
  • Make an appointment with a doctor and find a preferred hospital
  • Complete health articles in Indonesian
  • Additional health protection with Alodokter Protection
  • Ease of shopping for health needs

Alodokter also has an Alomedika platform explicitly created for doctors to support the continuous circulation of medical information for fellow medical personnel.

KlikDokter Medical Apps
3. KlikDokter

KlikDokter is a digital medical application developed by PT Medika Komunika Teknologi. This application was first launched by Dr Doddy Partomihardjo, Sp.M in 2008. KlikDokter focuses on providing health information and services online by developing various health features.

Through the integrated digital platform services created at KlikDokter, everyone can have online consultations with doctors from various specialities, get the right prescription, and use a variety of health tools such as technology-based diabetes and cancer risks check, fertility, body mass index, pregnancy programs, and allergies. Other services provided are vaccination, medical checkups, immunisation, and home care.

SehatQ Medical Apps
4. SehatQ

SehatQ is a digital medical application developed by PT Sehatq Harsana Emedika. SehatQ provides health information with clear and credible references, provides a community platform for users to exchange information and support each other in their health journey, and connects patients with medical personnel and healthcare providers.

With this application, patients can enjoy a variety of health services, ranging from dental clinics, beauty clinics, laboratories, and so on. Not only that, but patients can also enjoy various health packages offered, such as vitamin packages, circumcision packages, and other attractive health promotions.

Good Doctor
Good Doctor
5. Good Doctor

Good Doctor is a health service application that was first founded as part of Grab at the end of 2019 under PT Good Doctor Technology Indonesia. There are three main products of Good Doctor:

GrabHealth: Patients can access Good Doctor through the Grab app by clicking the “Healthcare” option.

GoodDoctor: Patients get services through health consultations from selected General Practitioners and Specialists who are always ready 24 hours.

Employee Healthcare: A special healthcare service for companies to their employees

With this application, patients can have consultations and questions and answers with expert health workers who are available 24 hours, buy medicines, make appointments to visit the hospital or clinic of their choice and read health articles that have been curated by a team of doctors.

6. Riliv

Unlike several previous applications that provide services for various health problems, Riliv is here as a special platform that serves the first mental health problems in Indonesia. This application was founded in 2015 and developed by PT Riliv Psikologi Indonesia.

Riliv provides mental health services and education in an effective, efficient way, accessible anytime and anywhere. The various mental health services provided by this application include meditation, bedtime stories, and online counselling. This app helps their patients apply a mind-body approach to achieve mindfulness by providing free access to 500+ diverse meditation content from Riliv that suit their mood and state of mind.

All of these apps are available on each website, Google Play Store, and App Store. So, it’s better to download one of those apps to support your and your family’s healthcare services.

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