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Daily fruits and vegetable intake are part of a healthier lifestyle that has an important role to meet the nutritional needs of our body.

There are many appetizing ways to eat these nutritious foods such as cooking them, making them into salads or even juice as an easy way to get nutrients. Despite a busy activity schedule, we surely want to get the best nutrients from what we consume, one of which can be obtained through cold-pressed juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, not all cold-pressed juices are sourced from natural ingredients. Re.juve True Cold-Pressed Juice is the only one that provides 100% purity without added water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and without pasteurization nor heating process. It’s undeniably true that processes of making fruit and vegetable juices are increasingly diverse in the market, ranging from homemade juices, pasteurized juices, and cold-pressed juices.

Then, what exactly is cold-pressed technology? Cold-pressed technology is a method used to get essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables with an optimal natural extraction process. This way of juicing is highly recommended to pour pureness through fresh fruits and vegetables because it does not involve heat as how other juicing methods do. Therefore, the nutrient levels of vitamins and antioxidants will be kept still. True cold-pressed technology with the best cold-pressed juicers that Re.juve has always used, triturating cold-pressed juicer and hydraulic cold-pressed juicer, are the answer to optimal nutrients packed in fresh fruit and vegetable juices we produce.


Only Re.juve True Cold-Pressed Juice that is 100% fresh, 100% pure, and 100% natural and applies the #CleanLabel principle (What You See is What You Get). Other than its flavorful delicacy, Re.juve is wholly made with 100% organic vegetables and fresh fruits without added water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, also no heat and pasteurization process involved. Our true cold-pressed juice is high in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

The process of making Re.juve True Cold-Pressed Juice also prioritizes ultra-hygiene and high-standard in food society as a way to ensure that Re.juve products are safe to be consumed. If we do not treat cleanliness and freshness to be in number one level, then being healthy will not be the result. Otherwise, the emergence of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be a serious threat to our bodies. However, not all cold-pressed juice brands apply this standard, so be aware of choosing what drinks we should have.

Not only does Re.juve serve its best savours through the use of true cold-pressed technology and ultra-hygiene and high-standard food safety, but also becoming the one and only brand in Indonesia that uses High-Pressure Technology to assure the safety of our products even more.

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