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Re.juve Takes Classic Indonesian Spices to the Next Level

Exclusive launch of Re.juve product

Spices and herbs native to Indonesia are known to be rich, able to maintain health, increase stamina, and heal illnesses by blending these components into jamu.

However, the youth these days don’t enjoy taking jamu simply because of its taste, availability to purchase, and the complexity of making a jamu.

Re.juve is bringing back the memories, benefits, and deliciousness of Indonesian heritage beverages in order to replenish the wonderful benefits they have for our bodies.

“Re.juve proudly launches the first cold-pressed Indonesian heritage beverages variants and shots that are definitely healthy as well as tasty,”

said GM Marketing and Operations of Re.juve, Sari Siswarni.

CEO and President Director of Re.juve, Richard Anthony said that being honest and transparent has always been the commitment for this pioneer of delicious, healthy, and honest food and beverage company. Each ingredient used is stated fairly and reliably on each bottle. Hence, what you see is what you get #CleanLabel.

“Inspired by jamu, we’ve created a better, healthier, and more hygiene version of Indonesian heritage beverages using Indonesia’s signature spices such as turmeric, ginger, galangal, curcuma, and lemongrass. Because they are made from real, fresh ingredients – not concentrate or powder – lactose and gluten free, our products taste better. We use almond milk which is suitable for vegan instead of cow’s milk,” said Richard.

Re.juve uses galangal and ginger which helps to remove fatigue and body aches, improve digestion health, ease symptoms of cold and flu, as well as increase stamina. Curcuma and turmeric both have a natural anti-inflammatory compound, helping to maintain a healthy liver, improve kidney function, digestion, and metabolism.

Business Development Manager of Re.juve, Bitina Pravitri claims that these new cold-pressed shots have powerful benefits, compared to the conventional jamu found nowadays, since most are made up of powdered or concentrated herbs and spices.

“Normally, Re.juve cold-pressed juices use pineapples to give it a hint of freshness and sweetness but these cold-pressed shots don’t. Instead, only fresh lemons and fresh green apples are mixed with pure herbs and spices,” Bitina added.

Customers can get their hands on the following products in all Re.juve stores all over Jabotabek, Surabaya, and Bali from 23rd November 2019. Prices range from Rp23,000 for an Indonesian heritage variant and Rp18,000 for a Re.juve shot.

Tropic Sereh & Tropic Temulawak – Re.juve

Indonesian Heritage Beverages:

1. Almond Kencur – almond, fresh galangal, fresh ginger, fresh curcuma, fresh lemon, organic coconut sugar, RO water, and a dash of sea salt.

2. Almond Bandrek – almond, fresh ginger, fresh lemongrass, fresh lemon, organic coconut sugar, RO water, and a dash of sea salt.

3. Tropic Sareh – fresh coconut water, fresh pineapple, fresh lemongrass, and fresh lemon.

4. Tropic Temulawak – fresh coconut water, fresh lemon, fresh curcuma, and organic coconut sugar.

Re.juve Shots:

1. Curcuma Ginger – fresh ginger, fresh curcuma, fresh lemon, fresh green apple.

2. Tumeric Ginger – fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, fresh lemon, fresh green apple.

3. Galanga Ginger – fresh ginger, fresh galangal, fresh lemon, fresh green apple.

4. Celery Ginger – fresh ginger, fresh celery, and fresh lemon.

See: CEO and President Director of PT. Sewu Segar Primagama (Re.juve) Richard Anthony

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