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How to Submit An Article to Indonesia Expat

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Interested to write for Indonesia Expat? Here are the guiding principles that might help get your articles get published on our website.

Starting in 2017, we are giving our readers the chance to submit well-written articles. We prefer pieces that can provide expat-related information, but also value those that offer interesting insights about Indonesia. For those who have been wanting to express their voices and opinions, please mind these simple instructions before you send in your stories.

  1. The content must be original

It is important that you come up with an article that represents your stance on the subject. You must also mention sources or include links if you happen to quote someone other than yourself in the article. If you are still unsure about sending the full draft, then it is always good to pitch us an idea first so that we can help you work out the direction of the story that you wish to take.

  1. Stick to the topics that we cover

Here at Indonesia Expat, we cover a variety of topics, including business, economy, lifestyle, travel and the environment. You can visit our website to figure out which section that might best suit your article.

  1. Keep your article in a clear format

We try to accommodate all kinds of formats, including tips, op-eds, personal experiences and more. Keep in mind that we do not take advertorials or articles that try to sell a specific brand or product. Instead, this would fall under the realm of sponsored content, and you will need to go through our business department for that.

  1. You are allowed to submit more than one article

We are always looking for the latest information, so there are no limits to the number of articles that you can submit. Please include your photo and a short bio along with your article and send them to [email protected].


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