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43 Jakarta Restaurants Violated PSBB Regulations

43 Jakarta Restaurants Violated PSBB Regulations

Dozens of restaurants in South Jakarta have been raided as part of the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

Head of the South Jakarta Municipal Police (Satpol PP), Ujang Harmawan, said his team had taken action against 43 restaurants that violated PSBB regulations.

“The violations occurred during the period of 14th August 2020 to 6th September 2020,” said Ujang. Of the 43 restaurants, 13 of them were subject to administrative sanctions or fines.

“A total of the fines for the 13 food and beverage establishments that violated the transitional PSBB reached Rp87 million,” said Ujang.

In addition, 18 restaurants that violated the transitional PSBB were given sanctions for a temporary closure of one day. Ujang said 12 other restaurants were given sanctions in the form of written warnings.

COVID-19 cases in Jakarta are continuing to rise. The number of positive COVID-19 patients in Jakarta increased by 982 last Sunday, 6th September 2020. The cumulative number of patients with positive COVID-19 tests in Jakarta to date is recorded as 46,691 people, along with a cure rate of 74.4 percent and death rate of 2.8 percent

Source: Kompas

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