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Honouring Independent Cinema Through Jakarta Independent Film Festival 2022

Jakarta independent film festival
Honouring Independent Cinema Through Jakarta Independent Film Festival 2022

The third edition of the Jakarta Independent Film Festival (JIFF) was officially concluded with the Awarding Night held at Gripa Studio, Jakarta on Sunday 6th November 2022.

A total of 30 official selection films from 17 different countries were shown from 2nd-6th November, where 16 were shown online at and 14 played at Gripa Studio on the closing weekend.

Audiences, both online and offline, showed great enthusiasm with 274 hits reached in five days. Up to 85 visitors attended the first day of the festival’s offline screening to watch two film screening programs and a networking event. At the networking event that took place at Brownfox Waffle & Coffee, invited filmmakers, jurors, committee, volunteers, media partners, and sponsors had the opportunity to chat casually and connect while enjoying dinner.

Q&A session at Jakarta independent film festival
Q&A session

The second day was no less crowded, with as many as 63 people attending and taking part in the roundtable discussion entitled “Why not the online platform?” Guided by JIFF Festival Manager Shadia Pradsmadji, JIFF guest jurors Arie Kartikasari (Indonesian Short Film), Ilyani Alias (International Short Film), Klara Virencia (Indonesian Short Documentary), and Albertus Wida (International Short Documentary) shared their views and experiences regarding the challenges tackle and opportunities of film on online platforms.

Piracy, regardless of the medium offered from time to time, will always be found in the film ecosystem. “It’s just that the form is different and maybe with everything going online, piracy is more visible,” added Virencia. More tactics that various online platforms could use to access movie viewing, including the possibility of connecting one person to another across countries and time zones and income for filmmakers was also voiced out during the discussion.

Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable Discussion

This year, the festival received 1,067 submissions from various countries. As a competition-based film festival, the festival presented ten awards:

  • International Short Film – “Same Old” (Lloyd Lee Choi)
  • International Feature Film – “Black Sands” (Baldvin Z)
  • International Short Documentary – “Wolf Whispers” (Chloé Belloc)
  • International Feature Documentary – “The One Who Runs Away Is The Ghost” (Lei Qinyuan)
  • Indonesian Short Film – “The Sea Calls for Me” (Tumpal Tampubolon)
  • Indonesian Short Documentary – “End of the Tunnel” (Garry Christian)
  • Short Director – “Stigma, Style” (Cheryl Wong Ye Han)
  • Feature Director – “Kerr” (Tayfun Pirselimoglu),
  • Short Animation – “Annah la Javanaise” (Fatimah Tobing Rony)
  • Audio Visual Project – “unshakeable destiny_2101” (Nikki Lam)

In addition to the ten categories, the programming team also chose one film as Programmer’s Pick, which was handed to “As the Sprouts Grow” (Kurnia Yudha Fitranto).

Congratulations to all winners – until the next edition of JIFF!

Jakarta independent film festival
Day 2

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