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Tightened Supervision of Foreigners in The New Normal


The Ministry of Law and Human Rights of DKI Jakarta is to tighten the supervision of foreigners under the orders for the new normal.

The supervision process will involve several private and government agencies.

Liberti Sitinjak, the Head of the DKI Jakarta’s Regional Office of Kemenkumham, stated on Wednesday 5th August that when implementing surveillance, it should include all people including ASN officials and related agencies.

“Though it is under the authority of Immigration, everyone needs to participate in supervising foreigners in Jakarta. We are gathering institutions together to help,” said Liberti.

The supervision will be carried out across all regions, including Central Jakarta. Relevant officers will be ordered to ask foreigners about their status to stay in Indonesia. “We will check whether their permits in our country comply with the existing regulations,” said Liberti.

The Central Jakarta Immigration Office is to carry out tighter supervision of activities of foreigners who are in Jakarta as well. It has been indicated that the number of foreigners in Jakarta has decreased as a result of flight restrictions.

Source: TribunNews

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