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Flying High: BNN Busts Lion Air Pilot For Drug Use

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Lombok apprehended a Lion Air pilot Wednesday, June 21, after he was found to have consumed hashish.

Indian national Rahul Sharma, 30-years-old, tested positive for narcotics during a urine test for crew members at the Lombok International Airport (LIA).

“The case was disclosed when the West Nusa Tenggara BNN conducted Operation Bersinar, involving local police and the military, Aviation Security at Lombok International Airport and (airport operator) Angkasa Pura. We conducted urine tests on some crew members in Lombok on Wednesday,” BNN chief Commissioner General Budi Waseso said June 22, as quoted by Antara News.

Waseso said Operation Bersinar had been launched to ensure the safety of passengers during the Idul Fitri break, which sees millions of Indonesians travel across the country.

“We’d like to guarantee all passengers could get to their hometowns safely during the Idul Fitri holidays,” said BNN NTB head Sr. Comr. Sukisto.

“Security officers detained the Indian and found 5.03 grams of hashish packed in a plastic bag and kept in a metal can in his luggage,” Waseso added.

The pilot was taken to BNN’s head office in East Jakarta for further questioning. According to Tempo, Waseso said Sharma admitted to smoking hashish for about three months.

“He confessed that he has been consuming it for three months, but we are probing further as this is a safety risk – especially during this homecoming season,” the BNN chief said.

BNN has tightened the monitoring of drug abuse among transportation staff, with the agency preparing urine tests for operators of land, air and sea modes of transport. The BNN aims to prevent accidents caused by human error particularly due to drug use, Waseso said.

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