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All Trains in Indonesia to be Equipped with Free Wi-Fi

Train passengers in Indonesia will soon be able to enjoy free internet connection after the country’s state-owned train company announced that it wi-fi will be installed on all trains.

“What we must think about is how trains will come with wi-fi. That’s because [wi-fi] is a necessity,” said PT KAI director Edi Sukmoro, as quoted by Republika.

There are currently facilities that support wi-fi in a few stations in Jakarta. However, no passenger cars have had wi-fi installed. Edi said providing free internet access will allow passengers to complete any work they may need to do on their journey without being disrupted by connection problems.

PT KAI’s plan, which involves installing wi-fi on all intercity trains as well as Jakarta’s KRL Commuterline trains, has been the subject of serious discussion for some time. However, the exact date of its implementation has yet to be decided. “Discussions are ongoing, but it hasn’t been decided. It should be able to be installed this year, but gradually,” he said.


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