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Bridge Collapse in Bali Kills 9, Injures More than 30


The Yellow Bridge in Klungkung, Bali collapsed at 6:30 pm local time on October 16, killing nine people, including three young children, and injuring more than 30.

Dozens of people were sent into the water in Klungkung, Bali after a bridge collapsed, killing nine people including three young kids, and injuring 30 more. First responders were dispatched to the scene of the disaster, which sent both people and motorcycles carrying families into the ocean. Reports indicate the death count sits at nine, with eight victims officially identified.

34 people were sent to the hospital with injuries, two of whom are said to be in serious condition. Witnesses believe many of the fatalities were the result of victims being crushed by debris. It remains unclear exactly what caused the suspension bridge to collapse. The overpass served as a connector between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan   

Local police claim there were many people participating in a religious ceremony on the bridge at the time it collapsed. Officer Arendra Wahyudi said the water under the bridge was less than two metres deep, but many of the victims were indeed hit by debris. The officer claimed that all the people who died or were injured in the incident were Bali locals.

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However, filmmaker Justin Evans, who was vacationing in Bali believes it’s possible that tourists died in the incident also. “The search had just been stopped and I believe it is because that everyone who has been reported missing has been found or has been killed,” Evans told Mirror Online. “What was very concerning is that there were tourists at the scene who appeared very worried which leads me to believe there are in fact not only locals affected but also tourists and there are so many tourists here on the island at the moment.”

Evans had been staying at a nearby hotel and rushed to the scene shortly after the bridge collapsed. He claims he will help police in their search efforts with the use of two camera-equipped drones he has with him. However, Indonesia’s first responders reportedly stopped the victim search at 9 pm, likely indicating that everyone involved had already been accounted for. The team said it would resume its operation the following morning.

Featured image via BaliNewsInformation; video via DON 2K

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