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The De Moksha Eco Friendly Resort; A Tranquil Haven for All

The De Moksha Eco Friendly Resort; A Tranquil Haven for All
The De Moksha Eco Friendly Resort; A Tranquil Haven for All

One only has to look in any direction to see a plethora of whole-food cafes, yoga studios, and juice bars that reflect Bali’s dedication to spiritual and physical wellbeing.

And no business has embraced this philosophy quite like De Moksha Eco-Friendly Boutique Resort.

A “home away from home” for Indonesians and visitors alike, this tranquil resort is built around the idea of new beginnings, restoration, and rebirth. It’s no surprise, then, that businesses have adopted this nurturing philosophy.

Bali, in its luscious green glory, has always been a favorite for nomadic travellers, free-spirited holidaymakers, and individuals in search of a higher spiritual state of being. Indonesia’s tourist hub is their first port of call; an open and accepting society makes for a perfect place to unwind, stretch, and recharge.

Secluded from Bali’s commercial center, Eco Friendly has an air of purity that few others can boast. Sandwiched between pristine rice paddies and towering tropical rainforest, the resort submerges itself into its rural surroundings with grace and beauty. Giant sculpted leaves form the rooves of elegant villas, peaceful pavilions nestle in the tropical shrubbery and outdoor pools merge seamlessly with the surrounding nature, affording that feeling of endless serenity. In a world of its own, this is what enlightenment, or “Moksha“, looks like.

With a total of 19 villas, the boutique resort is growing. However, a strong environmental conscience means they are only expanding proportionally to meet demand. Of course, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that love for the environment is at the heart of all they do. Yet so much of their environmental work goes unseen. Combating the plastic pollution that tourism has left in its wake, Eco Friendly discourages single-use plastic bottles with numerous water stations complete with pitchers and tumblers for guests to use as they come and go. All of their amenities use strictly biodegradable material, such as soy-based oil and natural essential oils. And for those looking forward to a great night’s sleep, their luxurious bed sheets, made from natural wood fiber and lyocell, are kind to the skin and facilitate uninterrupted Dreamtime.

The resort’s environmentally friendly practices have even sparked new awareness in nearby villages. Seeing the river clogged with plastic bottles and bags incentivized them to educate local villagers about how to responsibly dispose of waste. Since then, the river has been flowing smoothly, free of unwanted visitors!

Eco Friendly’s deep and unfaltering commitment to its community is truly compelling. A kind and sympathetic business that treats its guests and staff like family, it has attracted praise for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though they were forced to shut their doors for much of 2020, their staffs’ salaries were still paid in full. After all, without them, Eco Friendly wouldn’t be what it is today. From April to August, they opened their doors again, but as a quarantine facility for migrant workers. Thanks to this extraordinary act of compassion and generosity, their staff were equipped to run the boutique resort according to all health and safety guidelines. After months of operating safely under the cloud of the pandemic, they were officially recognized as a COVID-safe facility by the Tourism Ministry of Indonesia. Eco Friendly is fast becoming a pillar of the Balinese community!

And when it comes to the guests, rest and relaxation are the order of the day. Indeed, Eco Friendly encourages it from the minute you step through their rustic, wooden doors. As you will soon discover, tensions simply fade away when babbling brooks accompany bare-footed walks, soft scents of massage oils lure you in for luxurious pampering, and the resort’s leafy corridors wrap you in a restorative blanket. It is the perfect soundtrack for Eco Friendly’s celebration of Bali’s cultural heritage; Indonesia’s exquisite craftsmanship can be seen everywhere. From mesmerizing wood carvings to symbolic statues and performance art, every sense is delighted with this immersive experience.

Yoga at Villa Moksha
Yoga at villa Moksha

And when we say “every sense“, we mean it! Swarga Rasa Ristorante is the jewel in the resort’s finely sculpted crown. Specializing in European and traditional Balinese cuisine, the international menu has something for everyone. A vision of modernity and simplicity, the décor reflects their holistic approach to hospitality that always prioritizes ethical, sustainable, and local suppliers that deliver the freshest ingredients available. Nutritious, healthy, and visually stunning food paves the way for an all-encompassing stay that feeds the heart and soul. From dining chair to yoga mat, from plush bed to hammock, and from swimming pool to massage table, these are little journeys that will define your new beginning.

Cherish the joy of calm.

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