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GIPA Invites Indonesian Architects and Designers for Nation’s Inspiration

GIPA Invites Indonesian Architects and Designers for Nation?s Inspiration

Indonesia is expected to experience a shortage of 3.8 million human resources in 2030.

To encourage its development, the Global Indonesian Professionals Association (GIPA), a non-profit association for Indonesian professionals and executives who work abroad, held the Going Global Series: Career Blueprints in Creative Design and Architecture.

“GIPA wants to increase the number of students who are transitioning to become professionals and professionals who are transitioning into executives. In this forum, GIPA invites Indonesian executives who work abroad, who are interested in contributing to Indonesia, ” said Arcky Meraxa, PhD, Head of Professional Development and Head of the American Region at GIPA.

This forum coincides with 2021 as the International Creative Economy Year for Sustainable Development, as determined by the United Nations in 2019. Indonesia is the main sponsor of the proposal in the group of countries Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines and Thailand. This international determination is expected will encourage innovation and promote sustainable creative economic growth and inclusion.

Director-General of Higher Education at the Education and Culture Ministry, Prof. Nizam, provided keynote remarks by highlighting the importance of design and architecture to art the country’s millennial economy. “An Indonesian start-up based on creativity and digital economies is ahead of countries such as Germany, France, and Brazil. This shows the nation’s extraordinary creativity. We want to develop the creativity of the Indonesian people, and hope that the creativity of the nation abroad can enrich the culture and diversity of Indonesian students,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of the nation’s youth to work in creative fields.

“Diversity is part of Indonesia’s DNA. We are in an era of mass production. Creativity, individuality and customisation are indispensable.

Creativity has boosted the Indonesian economy. We hope we can work with GIPA in unlocking the creative potential of the millennial generation. ”

Meanwhile, John Kudos as the Managing Partner at KUDOS Design Collaboratory in the US refers to the digital era as the time where design creativity can further develop. “This is the time to create new designs that will carry us into the future,” he said. He emphasised that the key to success in design is building technical skills.

After working on the New York Pentagram for seven years, he has built the KUDOS Design Collaboratory in 2008. “In the creative field, working 9 to 5 is not enough, you have to have the passion to always work. Get excited about whatever you do. Vision is also important. If you are a young designer who is looking for experience, you should also think about long-term goals,” he added.

Griffen Lim, a Partner and Designer at Make Architects, Hong Kong, has a career in Australia, the UK and Hong Kong since 1998. He said,

“Soft skills are very important. Many young designers are focused on the portfolio, but based on my experience, recruiting is about personality and culture fit.

You may have great technical skills, but if you can work hard, it’s more of a big selling point. Personality will be visible in the interview.”

The series of Going Global Series events are held by GIPA every year to connect overseas professionals and executives with students as well young Indonesian professionals. This forum facilitates discussion on how to start a career global of three Indonesian executives in the field of architecture and design, who have pursued careers in the US, Australia and Hong Kong. This event is also supported by the Indonesian Professionals Association (IPA) the USA, and witnessed by 140 students and professionals who live in 16 countries.

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