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Surabaya Nightclub Assault Results in Death

Assault in Pentagon nightclub, one victim died

An assault took place at Pentagon nightclub in Surabaya last Thursday, 6th February, leading to four victims and one person dying, named Glenn Puttiray.

Glenn Puttiray was hospitalised after the beatings took place in a nightclub in Surabaya, Pentagon. The Police Commissioner of Tegalsari confirmed that the attacks took place whilst the guests were under the influence of alcohol.

Later on, the victim’s colleague filed a report at the police station and asked the nightclub for a response. The colleague reportedly scattered flowers at the scene where the beating took place.

According to the doctor that treated Glenn in Jemusari Hospital, the cause of death was an impact to the left side of his head. His friends from Maluku Satu Rasa (MR1) implored the police, “We are here at the station to ask you to quickly chase after the attackers as our friend is in a really bad condition.” Glenn was taken care of for four days but they did not manage to save him.

On the day of Glenn’s funeral on 11th February, many people gathered to pay their respects for Glenn. Not long after, a person couldn’t contain their emotions thus started to vandalise Pentagon for approximately 15 minutes.

Until now, police are still investigating the case and have not given a clear explanation of the case.

Source: Kompas

Image: Tribun News – Surabaya

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