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School Bus Drivers Arrested for Drug Smuggling from Malaysia

School bus drivers arrested for drug smuggling

Three school bus drivers have been arrested by the police in Bintan island, Riau province, for allegedly transporting drugs from Malaysia to the island.

It was also discovered that one of the suspects had stored 118kg of crystal meth that was bound for shipment to Sumatra and Java.

Bintan police chief Adj. Senior Commissioner Boy Herlambang said that the suspects were arrested after local police formed a taskforce to track the rampant drug smuggling between Malaysia and Riau. The large-scale drug transaction was soon discovered by the taskforce.

“On 30th August, we arrested a man identified as JF. From his house, we confiscated 120 packs of crystal meth smuggled from Malaysia weighing 118kg. He stored the drugs in his toilet, car and several bags. After interrogating JF, we found two other suspects: SY and ZH,” Boy added.

The local police have also reported their findings to the Malaysian police. A Malaysian, known by his initial W, has also been accused of smuggling the drugs to Indonesia and supplying them to the suspects via illegal speedboats. The meth amphetamine had reportedly been stored in jerrycans, which were disguised as furniture varnish.

“The suspects had transported drugs six times before being arrested,” Boy claimed. “They were native Bintan residents who worked as school bus drivers. I was worried they had also distributed the meth to the students, but a preliminary investigation found no such thing had happened,” he further added.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Merdeka

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