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Pavement Renovations in Jakarta Causes more Traffic and Congestion

The pavement renovations

The renovation of pavements along the streets of Kemang, South Jakarta and certain areas of central Jakarta has reportedly led towards increased congestion and more traffic.

In Kemang Raya, both sides of the pavement are being simultaneously renovated. “The traffic jams have got worse as the construction tightened a street that is originally already a narrow road,” said Ahmad, a local parking guide.

According to the pavement workers, they have been told to work swiftly, day and night. When asked about the amount spent by the local administration, the local project manager did not wish to disclose the details.

It is also unknown whether or not the Jakarta administration has come up with a solution to prevent traffic congestion. “Ask the main headquarters, I am only doing what I’m ordered to,” the project manager added.

Source: Tempo
Image: Tempo

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