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New Positions for Foreign Workers in Indonesia

The Indonesian Government has taken another step on the path towards a more open environment for international workers with an update to regulations on August 27, 2019, that opened up a wide variety of new positions for foreign workers to be able to live, work and do business in Indonesia.

New freedom in management
All previous general manager positions that were not regulated for foreign employment are now open to be held by foreigners, in all business classifications, other than human resources. This means if you work or plan on working in a sector where a management level position was restricted or unregulated, you can now hold this title and legally obtain a visa in Indonesia.

This includes the previously closed position of the general manager, which is now open for foreign workers. Operations manager, tour manager, sport science manager, and fleet manager are some examples that show the range of new roles, alongside research and development advisors.

Additionally, commissioner and director titles in a company can now be held by a foreigner in all business classifications.

Niche positions opened in multiple industries
More than 150 new positions in 18 sectors have been opened up for expatriate and foreign workers in a variety of disciplines including construction, education, and the previously closed legal sector.

Here are some of the new roles:

Management Consultant
The management consulting sector has two new positions available for foreign workers: business consultant, and investment consultant. The previously closed sector welcomes foreign specialists to advise and assist with business development and investment matters in Indonesia.

Communication Manager
The advertising and creative agency sector has two new roles regulated for foreign employment. The industry is now able to accept expatriate workers as communication managers and creative designers. Indonesia is well-positioned for an influx of new creative workers. President Joko Widodo has previously highlighted the importance of the creative industry, emphasising its potential to boost domestic consumption and international revenue.

Librarians are one of the 27 new roles that have been opened to foreign workers in the Indonesian education sector. Elementary, junior high school, high school, and special school have new open job positions not just for foreign librarians but also for literary coaches and coordinators. The Indonesian education category overall welcomes marketing managers, global perspective teachers, Spanish teachers, disabilities and counselling teachers, and instructors of non-formal fields like art and sport.

Construction Manager
The August 2019 regulation changes have opened up 119 new positions in construction for foreign workers. In addition to several new engineering positions, you can now choose from a wider selection of managerial level positions such as the construction project manager position. Work permits in the field of construction are now also extendable past the initial two-year period – there is no need to start your visa process all over again or leave Indonesia for a visa pick-up. Large-scale construction projects in Indonesia through PMA or a BUJKA will now find it considerably easier to pick up specialised foreign talent.

Legal Advisor
Two previously restricted and now open positions in the Indonesian legal sector are legal advisor and legal consultant. Changes in the legal sector are in no way less significant than in the field of construction. That is, the legal sector was previously 100 percent closed for foreign workers and only now, after the updated regulations, it is starting to welcome foreign specialists.

In the interest of remaining in compliance, your company in Indonesia can also hire foreign accountants. Note that Indonesia’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are following the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

This is making it simpler for foreign accountants to adapt while companies have a better chance of finding an excellent accountant.

Foreign chefs can extend their stay
Foreign nationals looking into chef jobs in Indonesia should know that their positions are now extendable. Up until the current regulation update, foreign chefs were only eligible to work for up to a maximum of two years, without the possibility to request an extension.

New impresario roles, from boxer to judo coach
Work activities that fall under the impresario business classification have been expanded considerably, allowing foreigners to apply for a work permit in a much wider range of roles in entertainment, leisure, and coaching.

Visas can now be provided in a much wider range of professions by specifically registered and licensed impresario companies that organise finance, and operate concerts, plays, events, and special sport or artistic endeavours.

The list of supported positions includes sports consultant, boxing promoter, referee, coaches for a wide variety of sports and martial arts from surfing, diving, golf, and roles for volleyball, football, and basketball players.

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