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Bogor City to Operate Trams with Jakarta LRT

Bogor City to Operate Trams

Bogor city’s administration is currently coordinating with a French company to research the possibility of operating trams in the city, following the integration of the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) with Baranangsiang terminal.

“Bogor administration has collaborated with a French company to study trams as a mass transportation in Bogor City centre,” said Bogor Mayor Dedie Rachim. He further elaborated that, based on the research conducted by the French company, trams could be used as a mode of transportation in cities which are connected by the LRT. The tram is deemed to be an affordable and effective mode of transportation to reach certain locations in the city.

“Tram, that is granted by the Netherlands, in Bogor City among others, can be used as tourist transportation and as a connecting transport from LRT,” he said.

Dedie also said that there will be eight tram stations in Bogor, from Baranangsiang LRT Station, Suryakencana, BTM Mall, Paledang, Bogor Station, Bogor City Hall, Sempur, Lippo Kebun Raya, PMI Hospital, and going back to Baranangsiang LRT Station.

Source: Tempo
Image: Line Today

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