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Indonesian Passports now Eligible for Visa Free Travel to 81 Countries

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A number of countries are reported to have dropped the visa requirements for Indonesian passport holders.

According to Passport Index, 81 countries currently allow Indonesian passport holders to visit without the need of a visa, an increase from 74 countries in February 2019. However, some countries may require an e-visa or a visa on arrival. Also, there are countries which employ the regulation only in certain airports.

The seven countries which allow Indonesians to travel without visa includes: Barbados (90 days visa-free), Bolivia (90 days with visa on arrival/e-visa), Namibia (90 days visa-free), Nigeria (pre-visa on arrival), Pakistan (90 days with visa on arrival/e-visa), Saint Kitts and Nevis (90 days visa-free) and Senegal (30 days with visa on arrival).

The complete and updated list is currently available at

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: The Jakarta Post

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