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Indonesia Visa Overstay Fine Rises Sharply

Once you have overstayed more than 60 days, you will be questioned thoroughly by immigration officials.

Make sure to get your visa documentation in order as soon as possible because Indonesia has significantly raised the daily penalty for overstaying your visa for the country.

New regulations for overstaying visas in Indonesia

Previously, foreigners could be held in detention or refused permission to leave Indonesia until a fine of Rp 300,000, around US$21, per day was paid.

However, starting from 3rd May 2019, visitors who overstay their visa in Indonesia will face a daily fine of Rp 1,000,000, or roughly US$70, as per the Government Regulation No. 28 Year 2019.

You’d be best advised not use visa overstaying as a way to extend your stay in Indonesia. Besides a fine and the fact that you will be stuck in immigration potentially for hours, it can also affect your ability to get visas in the future.

If you want to stay longer or visit the country frequently, apply for a business visa instead.

Overstaying a visa in Indonesia for more than 60 days
Staying in Indonesia longer than your visa or entry permit allows is considered an overstay in Indonesia. There is an opportunity to pay a fine; however, the purpose of the regulation is not to provide an endless extension of your stay.

The difference between the legal consequences to someone who is overstaying less than 60 days and the one overstaying more than 60 days is simple. If you overstay less than 60 days you will receive a daily fine. However, if you have overstayed more than sixty days, you may face deportation, and even blacklisting.

Overstaying less than 60 days

Overstaying more than 60 days

Daily fine of Rp 1,000,000 / US$70

Deportation and blacklisting

Once you have overstayed more than 60 days, you will be questioned thoroughly by immigration officials. You will also no longer be welcome to re-enter the country for a certain time. Keep in mind that getting off the Indonesian blacklist isn’t an easy process. If you are already at this stage, it is always helpful to be humble and show regret about what has happened.

Whatever the case, remember that Emerhub can help you with your visa problems in Indonesia. Contact us at [email protected] (Jakarta) or [email protected] (Bali) for a personal consultation.

Avoid getting deported from Indonesia
Deportation and blacklisting in Indonesia will happen if you fail to pay the fine that is due if you have overstayed by less than 60 days. The same applies when you are in the country with a stay permit that is no longer valid, and the overstay exceeds 60 days. However, blacklisting and getting sent out of the country is something you can prevent.

Note that the Immigration officials in Indonesia do a good job at keeping their eye on any immigration related violations. It is common that after receiving a tip from someone, the officials will check up on the documents of expats and foreign owned businesses.

Apply for a suitable visa for Indonesia
Regulations apply to citizens of different countries. For short stays you often do not need a visa at all. Although, there are often travellers who overstay their visit as well.

If you are able to enter without a visa, yet wish to stay longer than 30 days, plan ahead. You cannot extend your stay, neither upgrade it to another type of stay permit. Applying for a new visa allows you to stay longer. Make sure to choose a permit that is most suitable for the purpose of your visit.

Indonesia visas for longer than 30 days
A business visa is convenient and commonly used – applying for this option before entering the country would be the best way to stay in Indonesia for longer than 30 days.

Single-entry or multiple-entry business visas have similar purposes but different durations. The latter also allows you to enter the country multiple times within the period.

A single-entry business visa grants you a 60-day stay and is extendable up to 4 times. You have the opportunity to conduct business and study the market. A multiple-entry business visa has the same purpose but is valid for one full year from the date of issuance, but cannot be extended past this.

You can also get a business visa together with an Indonesian bank account. This is a great benefit that saves you the trouble of constantly using an overseas bank account for expensive transactions in Indonesia. Emerhub has created a package following a long cooperation with several Indonesian banks – we will deliver your business visa in Indonesia together with a local bank account.

Get in touch with us if we’ ve left any of your questions unanswered. Emerhub consultants are able to assist you with regard to overstaying visa anywhere in Indonesia.


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