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Immigration Update: New Deadline Dates for Stay Permits amidst New Normal

Immigration Update: New Deadline Dates for Stay Permits amidst New Normal

The Directorate General of Immigration has once again published new updates concerning visa and stay permit amid the new normal era on 3rd August. Information within this document published on has now stated the newest deadline dates.

ITAP, or permanent residence permit, and ITAS, or a limited stay permit holders with a valid and renewable ITAP or ITAS currently in Indonesia can extend their stay permits at any local immigration office. Anyone with an expired permit and holders currently in Indonesia must leave the country no later than 20th August 2020 or apply for a new visit visa, limited residence visa, or residence visa according to the requirements on without having to leave Indonesia.

Even if an ITAP or ITAS has expired and the holder is currently outside Indonesia, they can still return after attaching an approval letter from a ministry or technical agency. Foreigners must then apply for a new visa to come to Indonesia at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate-General if they are unable to show a letter of approval from the related ministry or agency.

Meanwhile, ITAP or ITAS holders for family unification can enter Indonesia directly. An ITAP extension and re-entry permit can be applied for at the local immigration office after arriving in Indonesia. The application must be done no later than 8th September 2020. Visa collection is done at immigration offices, depending on the person’s residence, moreover, technical problems on extension processing can be tolerated until 31st December 2020.

Holders of a visit stay permit (ITK), a visit visa index B211, who are currently located in Indonesia, can extend their valid stay permit at a local immigration office. Furthermore, expiring multiple-entry visitor visas D212, visa on arrival, residence permit (IT) with an APEC businessman travel card visit visa, or visa exemption in Indonesia, as well as those on a crew visit, residing in Indonesia with an expired stay permit must leave Indonesia by 20th August 2020.

For multiple entry visitor visas, visit visa index B211, APEC businessman travel card visit visa, and visa on arrival holders only, extensions can be done until the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia is declared to have ended, there is no transportation to leave the country, or there are new regulations regarding visas and residence permits, with validity periods each time an extension is given for 30 days.

ITK and ITAS holders who already have had a telex visa issued since 1st December 2019 and are in Indonesia, can apply for ITK and ITAS at their local immigration office without leaving Indonesia and without filing a visa at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate-General abroad.

Proof of visa payment at the immigration office is considered proof of entry while having a visa. Visit visa telex holders will have their passports stamped by the local immigration office, whereas limited stay visa telex holders will have their passports stamped with a limited stay permit as well as a re-entry permit by a local immigration office.

The date of filing application for ITK or ITAS at the immigration office states the duration of the visit or limited stay permit for telexes published on 1st December 2019 until 22nd  July 2020. Telex issued after 23rd July 2020 will have the visit or limited stay permit validity period calculated from the date of issuance of the visa telex.

Source: Directorate General of Immigration 20-32-53-Informasi_Terbaru_Pelayanan_Visa_dan_Izin_Tinggal_(3_Agustus_2020)-2 (3)

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