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Two Foreigners Arrested in Bekasi for Hypnosis Fraud

Police have arrested two Iranian men for committing fraud by hypnosis. The two brothers are currently being held at Bekasi City Metropolitan Police Station.

The incident began when the perpetrators came to a mobile phone counter in Jalan H Jole, Bantargebang, Bekasi City. The two were driving a white Toyota Avanza minibus which was rented from a car rental company in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

At the counter, one of the perpetrators said he wanted to buy a mobile phone charger. Then, they started to turn on the counter owner when he asked for payment for the goods.

The semi-conscious victim took Rp5 million from the cash register and gave it to the perpetrator. When the thief tried to escape, the victim regained consciousness and immediately yelled out at the criminal.

“The perpetrator ran away and was judged by the mob. The two then fled towards Jamrud Housing,” said Head of Police Public Relations of Bekasi City, Kompol Erna Ruswing Andari.

While trying to escape, the getaway vehicle was crashed into several vehicles. Due to the traffic, the perpetrators then turned towards Bekasi Timur Regency Housing to take another path.

“But the perpetrator’s car was stopped by a mob that had blocked off in front of a pool,” Erna said.

Bantargebang police officers attended the scene and secured the perpetrators along with the vehicle. From the results of the examination, the two perpetrators, FHM, 27, and RP, 26, are known to be siblings who have been living in Red Doorz Kelapa Gading Apartment for more than a year.

The two have committed several hypnosis crimes in different locations by renting a car for Rp250,000 a day. “The two perpetrators did not carry any identity papers or other documents,” added Erna.

Police are currently continuing to investigate the case by examining further details from the perpetrators.

Source: Liputan 6

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