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From an Abandoned Plane to a Luxury Villa in Bali

New Luxury Villa in Bali Made from a Plane
From an Abandoned Plane to a Luxury Villa in Bali. Image Source:

A disused Boeing 737 plane that used to be perched on a cliff top has now been converted into a luxury villa in Bali.

Felix Demin, a Russian businessman, purchased the plane in 2021 and the disused frame was transported onto a cliff near Nyang-Nyang Beach. The location is about 21.3 km from Kuta Beach

As reported by, the plane used to be a former aircraft of Mandala Airlines, an Indonesian airline that had last flown some time ago. Unfortunately, the airline closed its operations in 2014.

There are no longer passenger seats on the plane. The cockpit and instruments for the pilot have also been removed and replaced with various pieces of furniture. Meanwhile, the right-wing has also been changed to be like a terrace with a view directly facing the sea.

The plane shell is now known as Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens Air. The villa is scheduled to open in March 2023. Demin stated that this plane would become a new Bali destination and it went viral quickly.

plane villa BaliThis villa offers views of Nyang-Nyang Beach from the top of the hill. The plane structure is now being renovated into a two-bedroom villa. 

The room is dominated by white, cream, and brown and the concept is modern minimalist. The facilities provided are an infinity pool, villa bar, free wi-fi, and free private parking. There is even a beautiful relaxing spot with sofas and a bonfire.

Since the project’s inception, Demin has promised a place with beautiful views suitable for photographers. Every corner is truly Instagrammable. This villa will be priced at US$7,280 or around IDR 113 million per night.

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