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First 5D Waterpark Theatre in Indonesia

Go Wet! 5D theatre at Go Wet! Waterpark in Grand Wisata, Bekasi

Go! Wet 5D Theatre at Bekasi’s Go! Wet Waterpark in the Grand Wisata area is a new attraction for visitors to watch a movie whilst being doused with water from all angles.

“This 5D programme is different, we make this theatre wet with water effects; nearly 200 litres per film,” said Mahaka Attraction Director, Herijanto Judarta. With space for 36 people, visitors will sit on simulator seats, with movements that will mirror the film being shown, similar to the sensation of water rafting for five minutes.

Visitors will be given polarised glasses to look at the screen. Those who have previously gone swimming may get on the attraction, however, raincoats will be provided for visitors who do not want to get wet.

“Our record states that this is the first 5D cinema waterpark, this is a pioneer in Indonesia,” said MURI Executive Director Osmar Semesta Susilo.

Go! Wet Waterpark lies in a 7.5-hectare plot and can be visited via the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road by taking the exit at KM21 Tambun toll gate.


Source: Tempo

Image: Antara News

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