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Balinese Man Creates Eco-Friendly Car

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Balinese Man Creates Eco-Friendly Car. photo Buleleng District Government Public Relations

A man from Buleleng, Bali named I Putu Dedi Wihartama Griadhi has managed to create an environmentally friendly, self-assembled car by using solar energy.

He got the idea because of his penchant for modifying goods and feeling uncomfortable about the pollution produced by motorised vehicles.

Since I was a child, I have loved experimenting. Finally, I tried to make this car six months ago. It went through a period of trial and error until it could move, help transport goods, and go to the garden,” said Griadhi.

According to him, he prefers to use direct solar power as opposed to electric power because it does not require charging connected to a power source. This makes the car more effective and efficient.

The assembly of this solar-powered car took six months and the cost reached Rp 35 million.

The solar car frame is assembled from hollow iron pipes and plates. Physically, the car can carry goods weighing 500 kilograms. Equipped with a 20-ampere battery that stores power from solar panels, the car can be used for a distance of 15 kilometres during night conditions. Meanwhile, during the day the distance is not limited as long as the vehicle gets sunlight.

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