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Australian Citizen Trapped in Bali

Australian Citizen Trapped in Bali

Like many other Australians, Dean Vlassco has been allowed to stay in Bali during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since the end of July, the Indonesian government stated that all foreigners with expired visas would be charged if they didn’t arrange an extension or apply for a new visa.

Dean, originally from Darwin, admits that he is currently happy living in Bali. Unfortunately, the idea of being fined Rp 1 million each day as a result of an expired visa has forced him to leave Bali with a heavy heart.

If he returned to Australia, Dean would have to go into quarantine for two weeks and pay approximately AU$3000. Instead, Dean has decided to fly to Belarus, a country he has visited in the past.

Dean is one of thousands of Australians and other nationals who have been in Bali earlier this year and found themselves stranded. This is because of travel restrictions in other countries overseas.

Foreigners have been able to apply for new visas through a redesigned “onshore visa application” process that was launched on 3rd August 2020. Visit visas and KITAS visas can be applied for through an online portal and collected at a local immigration office, negating the need to visit an overseas embassy.

Source: DetikNews

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