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American Caught Stealing Jewellery in Kuta

American Caught Stealing Jewellery in Kuta

An American citizen from Texas, named Marcus Dorian Price, has been caught red-handed stealing gold from the Surya Kuta gold shop on Jalan Kendedes Ruko No. 9, Kuta, Badung, Bali.

Iptu Bagus Nagara Baranacita, of the Kuta Criminal Investigation Unit, explained the chronology of the theft, that occurred in broad daylight.

“Initially, the perpetrator arrived at the gold shop on a Honda N-Max motorcycle. He then entered and approached the glass case filled with gold. Then, he pointed to one gold item, to which the shop owner then fetched and handed it over to be inspected by the man,” explained Iptu Baranacita.

When the shop owner asks for the gold to be returned so he could check the price, the alleged thief had pocketed it and left the shop to get on his motorbike. “The victim chased the perpetrator because he hadn’t paid, but the perpetrator turned on his motorbike and spontaneously.

The victim yelled out “thief” to call to residents for help,” he added.

Residents around the gold shop chased the perpetrator, who had fled north on his motorbike. Arriving at a Kuta monastery, the perpetrator was successfully apprehended. The neighbours of the gold shop were angry and upset with him and so beat up the American man.

“After receiving the report, we went straight to the Kuta temple to secure the perpetrator, then we brought him to Kuta police headquarters,” said Iptu Baranacita.

When questioned by the police, the American man didn’t admit to stealing gold and claimed it to be a misunderstanding. The man is still being held at Kuta police headquarters, whilst the gold, weighing 1.83 grams, and the N-Max motorbike used are in police custody.

Source: Bali Express

Image: Line Today

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