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Personalize Your Child’ Education Pathway


At Stamford American, we focus on personalized graduating pathways, individualized growth and learning. The only international school in Singapore to offer both the IB and AP, we are set to truly equipping and setting students for university and beyond.


Unique to Stamford, all students will graduate with a US High School Diploma and at the same time, pursue the IB or AP Diploma, depending on their interests and ambitions. We believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Providing leading education at Stamford American, there’s no better way to accomplish this than to offer students unparalleled choice, academic rigor, and opportunities beyond the classroom.

Uniquely Inclusive Community

Home to over 70 nationalities, Stamford American International School provides the best start in life for children from 18 months to 18 years. Stamford is uniquely inclusive and offers multiple graduating pathways – each student graduates with a US High School Diploma and at the same have the opportunity to pursue the IB or AP Diploma that is aligned closely to students’ ambitions.

Early Learning Curriculum

Embedded into the curriculum from as young as 18 months, the early learning curriculum is guided by the USA Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework which starts at birth and outlines the skills, behaviours and developmentally appropriate milestones to foster the growth of young learners. Stamford offers specialist instructions in music through the Suzuki Violin Program, language through Daily Mandarin or Spanish, or a combined bilingual program, specialist physical education through SMART Steps and Perceptual Motor Program. The education model incorporates STEAMInn – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Innovation.

University Preparation and Graduation of Choice for Success

Starting from Grade 9, students are guided to a successful graduation through their Academic Success Plan which recognizes the important partnership between the school, the student and the family. We believe that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the journey of learning and every Stamford student is coached towards a successful academic outcome which is individually right for them. Stamford not only offers over 40 IB courses and 19 AP courses to select from but also carries out pre-university testing from Grade 10 with SAT and ACT test centre onsite. The dedicated Academic & College counselling team works closely with EducationUSA on campus to provide the best advices for students and to prepare them for universities anywhere in the world.

Class of 2018 Results

We are proud to share that our Class of 2018 graduates have surpassed the pass rate of the IBDP and exceeded the world average point score. With a pass rate of 90% on the IB assessment and an AP exam average of 3.31 out of a potential 5 points, to date 85% of our students have been accepted to leading and prestigious universities worldwide of their choice. There were 30 nationalities represented in the graduating cohort which truly represents the international and diverse community at Stamford.


Find out more about the unique curriculum offered by Stamford, and how the supportive academic team prepares students for life beyond school.


Contact us today: [email protected] | +65 6653 7907


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