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Jakarta Ninth Cheapest City for International Schools in Asia

Jakarta Ninth Cheapest City for International Schools in Asia

A study by the International Schools Database exploring the comparative costs of international schools around the world in 2020 has been released. The analysis included data from 22 cities in 13 Asian countries.

The data recognized that Asia is the most expensive region in the world for international school education. Notably, China is listed as having the highest prices for international school prices. In Asia, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were found to have high international school prices, despite the low cost of living.

According to the study, international schools in Jakarta are cheaper than average compared to cities in Asia. Out of the 22 Asian cities listed in the data provided by the International Schools Database, Jakarta was listed as the ninth cheapest city.

Jakarta Ninth Cheapest City for International Schools in Asia

The studies found that non-capital cities in Asia provide more affordable international school education that the larger capital cities. An example noted was in Thailand, where Bangkok’s international school prices reach up to US$31,000 per year, and coastline cities such as Pattaya’s maximum prices are only US$19,000.

As per the International Schools Database, Phnom Penh has the cheapest international school fees in Asia. More information regarding the research is provided on the International Schools Database official website.

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